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Interpersonal, Communication Skills No of Days
Communicating Effectively 1 Day
Cross Cultural Understanding 1 Day
Dynamic Interpersonal Relationship 1 Day
Effective Brainstorming: Storming The Brain For Best Ideas 1 Day
Effective Business Writing Skills 1 Day
Manage Conflicts at work place 2 Day
Speak With Impact To Any Audience 1 Day
Stress Management With Laughter 1 Day
Successful & Strategic Negotiation Skills 1 Day
Telephone Etiquette: The Telephone Customs 1 Day
Business & Social Etiquette No of Days
Applying EQ at Work & Raising Your Emotional Intelligence in Your Workplace 1 Day
Business Etiquette & Personal Grooming 1 Day
Business Networking & Protocols 1 Day
Manage Yourself Effectively: Time Management & Personal Effectiveness 1 Day
Social Etiquette & Personal Grooming 1 Day
Manage Conflicts at work place 1 Day
Work & Life Balance: Balancing A Beautiful Life And A Successful Career 1 Day
Marketing, Sales & Customer Service No of Days
Beyond Customer Service: Customers - We Are At Your Service! 2 Day
Customer Relationship Management 2 Day
Handling Difficult Customers: Tough Customers, Easy Handling 2 Day
Key Account Management Sales Skills 2 Day
Managing A Successful Sales Team 2 Day
Smart Selling Skills 2 Day
Successful Sales Skills - "Creating Sales Warriors" 2 Day
The Challenges in Retail Excellence 2 Day
High Impact Sales Presentation Skills 2 Day
Leadership, Personal & Team Excellence, Team Building No of Days
Achiever's Recipe: A ‘WINNING ATTITUDE’ makes a HUGE Difference! 1 Day
Achieving Managerial Effectiveness 2 Day
Developing Effective Supervisory Skills: The Solid Supervisor 2 Day
Developing Leadership From Within 2 Day
Effective Counseling To Improve Employee Productivity 2 Day
Empowering Women Managers 2 Day
Enhancing Team Leader Skills: Leading To The Peak 2 Day
Problem Solving & Decision Making 2 Day
Take Charge Of Your Career: Being Profitable To The Organization 2 Day
Team Building (Indoor & Outdoor): Personal Enrichment 2 Day
The Power Of Unity: Standing United For Organization Excellence 2 Day
The Roadmap To Leadership Excellence 2 Day
The Strategy of Success & Winning 2 Day
Organizational Development & Performance Management No of Days
HR for Non-HR Personnel 2 Day
Making Corporate Values More Meaningful 2 Day
Organization Change Management 3 Day
Organizational Culture Make-Over for Dynamism 3 Day
Re-Inventing Appraisals & Performance Excellence 2 Day
Strategic & Performance Management 3 Day
Strategic Thinking & Action 2 Day
Bankers' Credit & Lending Policies & Control Practices: All Businesses Must Know 2 Day
Restructuring Corporate Loans: Dos & Don’t's When You Negotiate With Borrowers 2 Day
Effective Techniques In Capital Budgeting & Costs of Capital 3 Day
Finance For Non-Finance Managers: 2 Day
Tools that make you finance savvy in managing, negotiating and influencing 2 Day
Corporate Governance for Non-Legal Accounting & Finance Managers and Executives 2 Day
LEGAL No of Days
Business Law Principles for Non-Legal Managers and Executives 2 Day
English for Hotel Catering Industry 2 Day
Food and Beverages Quality Service Skills 2 Day
Basic Food Safety & Hygiene Skills and Procedures 2 Day
Supervisory Skills in the Hospitality Industry 2 Day

Training Calendar

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