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Interpersonal, Communication Skills No of Days
Communicating Effectively 1 Day
Cross Cultural Understanding 1 Day
Dynamic Interpersonal Relationship 1 Day
Effective Brainstorming: Storming The Brain For Best Ideas 1 Day
Effective Business Writing Skills 1 Day
Manage Conflicts at work place 2 Day
Speak With Impact To Any Audience 1 Day
Stress Management With Laughter 1 Day
Successful & Strategic Negotiation Skills 1 Day
Telephone Etiquette: The Telephone Customs 1 Day
Business & Social Etiquette No of Days
Applying EQ at Work & Raising Your Emotional Intelligence in Your Workplace 1 Day
Business Etiquette & Personal Grooming 1 Day
Business Networking & Protocols 1 Day
Manage Yourself Effectively: Time Management & Personal Effectiveness 1 Day
Social Etiquette & Personal Grooming 1 Day
Manage Conflicts at work place 1 Day
Work & Life Balance: Balancing A Beautiful Life And A Successful Career 1 Day
Marketing, Sales & Customer Service No of Days
Beyond Customer Service: Customers - We Are At Your Service! 2 Day
Customer Relationship Management 2 Day
Handling Difficult Customers: Tough Customers, Easy Handling 2 Day
Key Account Management Sales Skills 2 Day
Managing A Successful Sales Team 2 Day
Smart Selling Skills 2 Day
Successful Sales Skills - "Creating Sales Warriors" 2 Day
The Challenges in Retail Excellence 2 Day
High Impact Sales Presentation Skills 2 Day
Leadership, Personal & Team Excellence, Team Building No of Days
Achiever's Recipe: A ‘WINNING ATTITUDE’ makes a HUGE Difference! 1 Day
Achieving Managerial Effectiveness 2 Day
Developing Effective Supervisory Skills: The Solid Supervisor 2 Day
Developing Leadership From Within 2 Day
Effective Counseling To Improve Employee Productivity 2 Day
Empowering Women Managers 2 Day
Enhancing Team Leader Skills: Leading To The Peak 2 Day
Problem Solving & Decision Making 2 Day
Take Charge Of Your Career: Being Profitable To The Organization 2 Day
Team Building (Indoor & Outdoor): Personal Enrichment 2 Day
The Power Of Unity: Standing United For Organization Excellence 2 Day
The Roadmap To Leadership Excellence 2 Day
The Strategy of Success & Winning 2 Day
Organizational Development & Performance Management No of Days
HR for Non-HR Personnel 2 Day
Making Corporate Values More Meaningful 2 Day
Organization Change Management 3 Day
Organizational Culture Make-Over for Dynamism 3 Day
Re-Inventing Appraisals & Performance Excellence 2 Day
Strategic & Performance Management 3 Day
Strategic Thinking & Action 2 Day
Bankers' Credit & Lending Policies & Control Practices: All Businesses Must Know 2 Day
Restructuring Corporate Loans: Dos & Don’t's When You Negotiate With Borrowers 2 Day
Effective Techniques In Capital Budgeting & Costs of Capital 3 Day
Finance For Non-Finance Managers: 2 Day
Tools that make you finance savvy in managing, negotiating and influencing 2 Day
Corporate Governance for Non-Legal Accounting & Finance Managers and Executives 2 Day
LEGAL No of Days
Business Law Principles for Non-Legal Managers and Executives 2 Day
English for Hotel Catering Industry 2 Day
Food and Beverages Quality Service Skills 2 Day
Basic Food Safety & Hygiene Skills and Procedures 2 Day
Supervisory Skills in the Hospitality Industry 2 Day

  About Us

About Us  

A Passion to Perform' is more than just a claim - it's the way we do business, attracting the brightest talent to deliver an unmatched skilled at their work place. We are committed to being the best learning skills services provider with our breadth of experience, leading-edge capabilities and strength to create value for all our stakeholders; clients, investors, employees, and ultimately society as a whole. We have ambitious plans for the future. That's why we're continuing to strengthen the platform intensifying our presence in the training industry and taking an active and increasing participation in the emerging SME markets.

How will Learning Skills courses benefit your organisation?  

We start with the assumption that every organisation is different in terms of cultures, products, processes, skills, customers and opportunities. One of the most common reasons why companies struggle to retain key members of staff is poorly trained management. As a result, businesses today are placing increased importance on quality skills training. Companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and looking for skills training packages that combine practical training with people skills. A great deal of skill training is centred on people science and understanding how people work, think and behave. It is a vital transferable skill set, which will help employees thrive in many different settings. “Managers need to lead,” and to do this they need to recognise how groups of people interact, why conflict occurs and how it should be effectively managed. Often employees need to update and invigorate their skills and motivation if they are to perform at their best. When people are better equipped to function in their roles, they are generally more focused and motivated to achieve optimum results. “Motivation from a satisfaction perspective is very closely aligned to the organisation performance and we believe organisations would benefit from our Human Capital Development programs.


Empower our customers to focus on core Business Competence through employees training and re-training combine with innovative and competitive human capital development programme.


Redefine customer business equity with excellent transformation through technology and talent development.


Our prime objective is to train, coach, mentor and motivate employees to be highly skilled, knowledgeable, intelligent, talented, and highly motivated. We will propose to employers to invest in their human capital development programs because it is inextricably and linked to employee’s personal enhancement. It is absolutely key to an organizational success. We embrace this talent and diversity and will continue to build a unique team, with the richness and depth our clients expect. We continually aspires to being the best and the fact that it is consistent to be a market leader is proof that aspiration and commitment lead to excellence and achievement. We believe that teamwork and trust is the key to our success. These values have helped us achieve certification for our other core business especially in education, and hospitality sectors and it is this commitment to business practices that we hope will ensure a healthy environment and stable economic and social conditions for future generations

Quality Policy  

Quality isn’t something we do, it’s who we are. Dedicated to the delivery of a positive learning experience for all those involved, we pride ourselves in being responsive to both employer and learner needs. We adopt a ‘business excellence’ approach to everything that we manage, facilitate or deliver. We demonstrate a collective responsibility towards all its commitments – be they within the business community or the workplace. We actively promote diversity in every sense of the word and adopt a holistic approach in an effort to bring sustainable and positive social, economic, and environmental benefits to everyone involved. Dedicated to the delivery of a positive learning experience for all those involved, and we take pride in being responsive to both employer and learner needs.

Core Values  

We adhere to some core principles that guide us in the way we structure ourselves, work with each other, make decisions and do business. It means we collectively aim to achieve similar goals, albeit in many different ways. Our core values are:

 We behave reliably and responsibly

 We benefit from the diversity in our people and business by working together to
 achieve success

 We are constantly challenging conventional wisdom and developing new solutions to
 meet customer requirements

 We are committed to a result oriented culture

Customer Focus
 We place customers at the center of our activities and they drive all that we do

By staying true to these values we ensure that we provide the best possible environment for our people, businesses and customers to thrive.