Institute of Chartered Secretaries And Administrators (ICSA)


The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators is the leading recognised professional body for Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. The Institute was formed in 1891 when a small group of company secretaries saw the need for a company secretary to be professionally qualied and to have specific education and training for such an appointment. The Institute was granted the Royal Charter in 1902, which set the seal of authority and royal recognition on that belief.

In line with its mission and objectives, the cornerstone of which is continuous education to enhance professional skills,the Institute places great emphasis on the holistic development of the individual. A continuous learning cultureis fostered by the Institute through continuing professionaleducation and training to ensure the systematic developmentand extension of members’ professional and managerial knowledge and to better serve both the private and publicsectors of Malaysia.


The International Qualifying Scheme (IQS) is an express route for holders of Institute-recognised Bachelor and Masters degrees to complete the ICSA programme. Students eligible for this scheme gain entry into the Professional Part 2 programme. Entry for IQS is divided into two categories, namely Related Degree and Non-Related Degree holders.


This includes recognized degrees in Accounting, Law, Finance and/or Business Studies from recognized institutions. Students who enter under this category may be required to complete a maximum of 2 modules in Professional Part 1 by CPE if the modules have not been incorporated in the degree.


This includes Institute-recognised degrees that are not classified under the related degree above. Students who enter under this category are required to complete all 4 modules in professional stage 1 by CPE. Holders of non-related degrees with a major in Accounting, Law, Finance and/or Business Studies are advised to write to MAICSA with a certified true copy of their transcript, details of the course structure, and syllabus, for evaluation to determine if it can be considered for the related degree category.


CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education. This is a seminar and assignment-based method in which students of the IQS have to comply with to complete the requisite modules in Professional Part 1. Upon successful completion of the required CPE modules, students can then proceed to complete the other 4 modules in the Professional Part 2 programme by way of examination.


  • Internationally recognised professional qualication.
  • Wide job prospect in the corporate sectors with 100% job employability.
  • Maximum exemption for related degree holders.
  • Modular basis.
  • ICSA is established in the Royal Charter and with over 100years of experience.
  • Qualified and dedicated teaching faculty with industrial experience.
  • Comprehensive notes provided.
  • Evening classes for working adults.
  • Promote and supports best practice in Corporate Governance.


Part 1:
Financial Accounting
Corporate Law
    - (exemption for LLB students) Taxation
Strategic and Operations Management
    - (exemption for LLB students)

Part 2 :
Corporate Governance
Corporate Administration
Corporate Financial Management
Corporate Secretaryship


ATC Student Handbook
ICSA IQS Part 1 Sept 2014 Timetable
ICSA IQS Part1 (Taxation) Sept 2014 Timetable
ICSA IQS Part 2 Sept 2014 Timetable

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